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Lyric’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2023)
November 24, 2023 - December 24, 2023
Classic / Drama / Family Friendly / Homepage Feature

Lyric’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2023)

Go on a magical journey with Ebeneezer Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future! Lyric’s spectacular holiday tradition returns with the 2023 edition of Charles Dickens’ classic. Featuring a stunning new set, sparkling new costumes and a cast of beloved characters that will get your entire family in the holiday spirit! You’ll go from humbug to happy in one magical night when you experience Lyric’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL! As featured in The New York Times and BBC News. Make Lyric’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL your family’s new holiday tradition!

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The Creative


Michael Baron


Ashley Wells

Music Director

Sandra Thompson

Set Designer

Adam Koch

Costume Designer

Jeffrey Meek

Lighting Designer

Fabian Garcia

Sound Designer

Corey Ray

Hair Designer

Joanne Middleton-Weaver

Props Designer

Courtney Strong

Original Music & Sound Design

Josh Schmidt

Puppet Designer

Penny Benson

Stage Managers

Laurena Sherrill & Jeffrey S. Cochran

The Cast

D. Lance Marsh

Ebenezer Scrooge

Dustin Boatright

Bob Cratchit

Alexi Smith

Fred/Young Scrooge

Jenna Lovelace

Belle/Mrs. Fred

Vince Leseney

Jacob/Old Joe/Scrooge Understudy

Michael Kollmorgen

Young Jacob/Belle's Husband/Light house/Topper/Solicitor/Christmas Present Understudy

Karsten Tate

Christmas Past/Caroline

W. Jerome Stevenson

Christmas Present/Undertaker

Mariah Warren

Mrs. Cratchit/Beggar Woman

Ashley J. Mandanas

School Matron/Mrs. Fred's Sister-in-law/Char Woman

Elin Bhaird

Chief Mourner/Mrs. Dilber/Mrs. Fezziwig/Woman with Basket

Charlie Monnot

Priest/Solicitor/Mr. Fezziwig/Lighthouse/Caroline's Husband

Caleb Graves

Peter Cratchit/Young Scrooge - Holly Cast

Owen Dalton

Peter Cratchit/Young Scrooge - Ivy Cast

Jaqueline Garcia

Martha Cratchit - Holly Cast

Claire Keenze

Martha Cratchit - Ivy Cast

Jenivieve Aquino

Belinda Cratchit - Holly Cast

Sailor Rose

Belinda Cratchit - Ivy Cast

Milo Adams

Tiny Tim - Holly Cast

Parker Ferguson

Tiny Tim - Ivy Cast

Cassie Magrath

Fan/Child 1 - Holly Cast

Harmony May

Fan/Child 1 - Ivy Cast

Brandon Thornhill

Turkey Boy/Schoolboy - Holly Cast

Westley Ferguson

Turkey Boy/Schoolboy - Ivy Cast

Luke Lindley

Schoolboy/Child 2 - Holly Cast

Samuel Stephens

Schoolboy/Child 2 - Ivy Cast

Lucas Schrantz

Swing - Fred/Young Scrooge/Solicitor/Bell's Husband/Lighthouse/Caroline's Husband

Rodney Brazil

Swing - Solicitor/Fezziwig/Undertaker/Jacob/Old Joe/Bob Cratchit

Erin Thompson

Swing - Belle/Mrs. Fred/Christmas Past/Caroline/Mrs. Fred Sister-In-Law/Charwoman/School Matron

Kara Simpson

Swing - Mrs. Cratchit/Beggar woman/Mrs. Dilber/Mrs. Fezzi/Woman with basket

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