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This week has been crazy! I never knew how much went on behind the scenes of opening week until now. I helped set up the donor reception area, I moved boxes full of food and drinks and ran around town picking up different items needed for the area. By the time we were finished I felt like I had done a full workout. I had a bunch of fun doing it though and I got to know the civic center so much better.

While running around the civic center I was able to sneak into some of the rehearsals of Bye Bye Birdie. It is such a fun and energetic show. Kat Nejat, who plays Rosie, and David Elder, who plays Albert, create a great love story in the midst of the 50’s rock and roll era. Eric Ulloa is exceptional as the teen idol Conrad Birdie. The whole cast is full of incredible talent that I am so proud to have performing in my hometown. There are only 3 performances left so get your tickets quick!

Also, when you come to see the shows make sure you get there early to see “The Broadway Preshow Show with Wilson the Intern!” You will see the up and coming talent of Lyric’s Thelma Gaylord Academy. You don’t want to miss the incredible talent of the performers.

That’s all from the intern!


*editor’s note – Notice the picture on the right, Wilson is even getting his wardrobe inspiration from Artistic Director Michael Baron.