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The Broadway Preshow Show with Wilson (the Intern)

Wilson the Intern here!

In Oklahoma City we are so excited about the new developments that are happening downtown. It’s an amazing thing to see the city grow and come into a unique place to live. But with all of the construction parking has become scarce around the Civic Center.

Well there’s an intern for that.

Because the parking is scarce and the wonderful theatre-goers will have to come to the music hall a bit earlier than normal we have come up with the idea of a short preshow before each show in the lobby. It is called “The Broadway Preshow Show with Wilson (the Intern.)” This show will be filled with some of your favorite classic songs and some modern songs as well performed by some of Lyric’s own!

Most of the music will be performed by some of the up and coming talent from Lyric’s Thelma Gaylord Academy. Delaney Vickers, Thomas Flemming, Hope Schafer, Aaron Stewart, and Heather Newby are all Academy students who have agreed to share their talents with the attendees of Bye Bye Birdie!

It will not only be Thelma Gaylord Academy Students performing though, we will have some of your favorite Lyric veterans on stage one of the nights as well. Matt Brown and Christopher Sieker will be on the stage giving an amazing performance Friday night before the show.

The Broadway Preshow Show with Wilson (the Intern) is sure to be a fun time, so make sure you get to the Civic Center early!

That’s all from the intern!