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Imagine, if you will, a world without our individual donors. Our productions would decrease from this scale:

To this scale:

While this is an over exaggeration, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma not only relies on our ticket sales to support our work. We also rely on the help of our generous donors. Pam, our Director of Development, was able to give me some figures about our income percentages. I was surprised to learn that only 57% of our income comes from money we earn through season tickets, set rentals, and other miscellaneous programs. The other 43% is contributed by our sponsors, grants, and our generous individual donors.

As a student pursuing a degree in theatre, one of my greatest joys in life is watching theatre come to life. The energy, the grandeur- to me, there is nothing more spectacular than watching something larger than life happening right in front of your eyes. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to New York and see Broadway productions- but the productions that I’ve seen at Lyric are just as big, spectacular, and beautiful as any Broadway set that I’ve ever seen. What a blessing it is to have such a gem in Oklahoma! In my studies, I see firsthand just how much time, energy and money is required to put on a first-rate production. I know that Lyric would be unable to achieve this scale without the backing of our audiences.

Lyric is proud to be Oklahoma’s leading professional theatre, and I’m proud to have the opportunity to work for this organization. On a personal level, thank you for supporting the arts and my passion. Thank you for supporting Lyric in its endeavors- if we continue to have your support, I know it will live on.


**written by Allie S., Intern turn Marketing Assistant for Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma**