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Volunteers are so precious to Lyric Theatre for many reasons.  Whether it be individuals from LAPS, the Associate Board, Understudies or even our wonderful ushers, our volunteers have stuck by use since the beginning. 

Since I started working at Lyric in November of 2009, I have met so many wonderful people who usher at all of our productions at the Plaza Theatre.  I was talking to one of the ushers at our last performance at the Plaza Theatre, ALTAR BOYZ, and I learned so much about him.  He told me about how he used to live right down the street from the theatre in the 1940’s when the theatre was the “Plaza Movie Theatre”.  He told me he appreciates how Lyric has kept the spirit of the theatre alive and that is the sole reason behind him coming to volunteer every year.

Some of Lyric’s patrons today, found out about Lyric when they starting volunteering and ushering when performing at Oklahoma City University’s theatre. 

My mom, Leslie Wolfe, ushered at Lyric’s summer productions at OCU’s theatre from 1972 to 1975.  She was attending Putman City Central junior high when she found out her current boyfriend was starring as Oliver in Lyric’s production of OLIVER! in 1972.  Being the oldest of six kids in her family, she couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to see the show, so she opted to apply to be an usher for that entire season.  She loved it so much she ushered at Lyric until she graduated high school.  In the 1970’s the ushers were called “Lyric Teens”,  and they wore uniforms they made themselves with patterns provided.  Very different from today! Being an usher at Lyric made her realize how much she loved musical theatre and has been a Lyric patron for many years. 

Teresa Chapman, my mom’s Putman City Central classmate, was also a “Lyric Teen” in the 1970’s.  Being the collector that she is, she found an old letter that was written to all of the “Lyric Teens” ushering the shows that year.  I loved looking at this letter because it just shows how far we have come. Thank you Teresa for providing us this letter!

"Lyric Teen" Usher Letter

There are so many volunteers and ushers that have supported Lyric for years.  Together we want to thank those who have stuck by us and always believe in the productions we produce.  Thank you for all that you have done to make Lyric such a success.