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Hello! I’m Allie- I’m the Marketing intern this summer at Lyric Theatre. I will be starting my junior year as an Acting major at Oklahoma City University this fall, and I’m also pursuing a minor in Public Relations.

Because of my major, I have seen the amount of work that a director, designers, cast, and crew put in to make a production happen. But I had never had a true appreciation for all the work it takes to keep that theatre, as an organization, working. Some tasks include hours of phone calls to potential advertisers for the 2010 season program and mailing hundreds of letters asking for donations to help host the Broadway Ball. Sometimes, you need unique and creative solutions to problems, such as the letterhead being too big for the envelope. And let’s not forget that all those letters need to be folded, stuffed into the envelopes, addressed, stamped, and sealed!

In my time as an intern, I have made many phone calls, stuffed quite a few envelopes, and delivered many brochures. I have learned that sometimes letters do not fit in their envelopes, and that there are few direct routes to anywhere in downtown Oklahoma City. But, more than anything, I have learned to appreciate the work of all those people who only have their name listed once in that program. Many call the technicians and designers on a production the “unsung” heros of theatre- and don’t get me wrong, they do breathtaking work, and never get enough credit.  But, in my opinion, I call the staff of the administrative office of Lyric Theatre the unsung heroes. When you are enjoying the catered food at an opening night party, think of the phone calls and e-mails that were required to make every detail perfect. When you are examining the playbill, think of the hours of work required to ensure that every advertiser had a contract and artwork to place in that playbill. These are just a sampling of the tasks performed by this wonderful group of people. I am so glad that I am spending my summer watching their hard work and dedication to this beautiful art that we call theatre.