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Hello! Marketing Intern Allie here, once again. Last Friday, I thought it would be neat if I took photos as I went about my daily activities here at Lyric. Follow me as I go through a never-boring day here!

10:00 A.M.- I arrive at Lyric, ready to begin my day. The plaza marquee greets me as I walk from the parking lot into the offices.

10:15 A.M.- After having a short conversation with Danyel (Director of New Media and Marketing) about my tasks for the day, I sit down at my cubicle to check my e-mail. I like my cubicle- maybe a little too much. I spend copious amounts of time answering and making calls on the phone, and performing research and creating various documents on the computer.

11:00 A.M.- My first project of the day is working on some thank you notes. We have some wonderful stationary featuring the Plaza marquee, and we would love to use it for this purpose. Unfortunately, neither myself or Danyel is blessed with good handwriting, so we are looking at printing options. The copier, however, does not agree with this plan. After spending 15 minutes attempting to clear a jam, I sheepishly call another staff member over to assist me. It only took us five more minutes to make things operational again.

11:30 A.M.- A new project has cropped up! We have decided that we want to print a banner displaying some of Lyric’s best work, to use in the lobby of the Civic Center this summer. We need to find some production photos to use first. Finding the photos becomes my job. I wish I had a count of how many production photos I’ve examined since I started this internship… it has to be in the thousands.

12:00 P.M.- Lunchtime! In order to celebrate the beginning of the season at the Civic Center, the staff holds a potluck. Deborah’s (our business manager) husband, Gary, brings the most delicious chili dish I have ever had.

12:45 P.M.- Sheray, the assistant company manager, and I take a field trip to Jimmy’s Egg on 16th and May. We load up the Lyric van with all the instruments for Pump Boys and Dinettes, and roll along our merry way!

1:00 P.M.- We arrive at Jimmy’s Egg safely, with all the instruments (including the double bass) intact. Here, The Oklahoman will be shooting a video in order to promote the show. 

1:30 P.M.- Listening to the cast sing is so exciting! They sound wonderful. And the food on that griddle smells so good… 

2:00 P.M.- After the video shoot concludes, Sheray and I trek down to the Civic Center to drop off the instruments. I got a sneak peak at the set- isn’t that cyc gorgeous?

2:30 P.M.- After arriving back at the office, I take care of the mail. Mail consumes about an hour of my day each and every day. Mail makes me want to wag my tail, every time it comes I want to wail… mail!

3:15 P.M.-  After a mini-crisis about the playbill, I go to the Civic Center to pick up a few copies. They look beautiful! My fellow intern (and friend), Cassie, is modeling the 2010 season playbill.

4:00 P.M.- It’s time for my day to end… but before I leave, I need to update Facebook and Twitter. Social media promotion is extremely important to Lyric!

And that, my friends, concludes my day at the Lyric offices. A day here is never typical- I could be updating contacts, or doing research, or running errands, or working on a new marketing plan. But it is never boring!