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Editor’s Note: This blog was written by our Special Altar Boyz Correspondant, Stacy. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Stacy, and I’m obsessed with the Altar Boyz.

Like, not just a little obsessed. Like, a lot obsessed. Like, I have a massive poster on my wall of various concert photos I’ve gotten off the internet. Like, I can tell you Abraham’s favorite color (RED!), Matthew’s favorite hair product (Suave Flexible Hold Hair Gel), Mark’s favorite fruit (Apples!), Luke’s favorite afternoon activity (Confession!), and Juan’s story of leaving the nuns who raised him to find his real parents.

Yep, I love them that much.

Some people would say I’m crazy. I like to say I’m passionate. I do have a life- I go to school and youth group, I have lots of friends, I do theatre!- but I also love the Altar Boyz.

I cried the day I found out they were making their final tour stop in Oklahoma City. I bawled my eyes out for two hours straight out of sheer happiness, and then I immediately called this Lyric Theatre place trying to get my tickets. And then when I couldn’t get them until later, I waited outside the box office to be the first one to get them. I was the only person who loved the Boyz enough to do that.

So, when I found out that they were starting rehearsals in Oklahoma City last Monday, you bet your bottom dollar that I was there, outside, waiting for a glimpse of the Boyz to go in to practice their moves.

And then I saw him. Matthew. Smiling, spikey-haired, Matthew, with a blinged-out cross on his t-shirt. I nearly fainted right then and there, and I screamed. I did hold myself back from running towards him, and I don’t think he heard me scream.

AND THEN, I ran into this lady from Lyric while I tried to gain my breath back. And she asked if I was okay, and I just told her that I just had an encounter with the man I’m going to marry- Matthew from the Altar Boyz. And then she asked if I wanted to blog about it.


So here I am! You should follow me on Twitter too- @AltarBoyzGurl– so you can get the scoop.

So this is Stacy, your Special Altar Boyz Correspondent, signing off- for now!