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Although we at Lyric have been unofficially celebrating Halloween since THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP opened on October 10, the rest of you are most likely working to put up your best fall decorations and planning your fantastic (or ridiculous) Halloween costumes. So, that got us thinking, since they clearly love Halloween, what would a few of the cast and crew of IRMA VEP say is their best All Hallows Eve costume?

Here’s what they had to say:

Jeffrey Meek – Lord Edger, et al

“Halloween at ‘The Meek House’ was always a great time of year!  I found my love of costumes at a very early age and with the help of two creative parents, the annual costume was no small decision.  At the age of eight, I was finally old enough to throw the plastic costumes bought at the local grocery store away and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece: A TELEVISION COSTUME!  With the help of my parents, an old cardboard box, a tin cookie sheet and some Christmas ornaments, my dream came true.  I was the envy of the neighborhood kids! A fun night of trick-or-treating ensued until a neighbor asked if I was dressed as an oven.  I took her candy, gave her a dirty look and went home to sulk with my loot. This year I may take her advice and go as an oven!”

Michael Baron – Director

“Although I don’t have a photo to share, my favorite childhood costume was when I went as a robot. I had a large round lampshade on my head, cardboard box body, knobs from the tops of spray cans and arms out of ducts-all painted metallic silver. Impossible to walk in, but it looked so cool and ‘futuristic!’ Pictured to the right is my favorite recent Halloween costume. My partner, Jim, went as Winnie The Pooh and I was Christopher Robin.”

John Fowler – Technical Director/Production Manager

“Well, I don’t dress up for Halloween normally, but I did last year. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.”


What’s your best costume to date?