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Editor’s Note: This blog was written by our Special Altar Boyz Correspondant, Stacy. Enjoy!

You guys, I am the luckiest girl in the world. I got to watch the Boyz rehearse last night.

They danced, they sang, they did the wave- it was what every 15 (almost 16!) year old dreams of.

They even showed me their little play about how the Altar Boyz came to be! And let me tell you- It. Was. Awesome.

See, they tell the story from each of the Boy’z perspective. And they were all so funny! And Juan showed off his salsa moves, and Mark was just SO CUTE, and Matthew was just dreamy… I nearly cried out of happiness right there. And they might have screwed up little bits of it, but then they fixed it. And watching them take notes on themselves and then fixing it might have been the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. They were just so nice, and kind, and it was so cool!

And then, it got even better. Because I got introduced to the Boyz.

Yeah, that’s right. I met them. They said my name. And if I had a camera with me, I bet they would have taken a picture with me.

I wasn’t expecting for that to happen, but then a little conversation like this went down:

Mark: “Hey, who is she?” (Mark pointed directly at me! ME!)

Matthew: “Oh, that’s Stacy. The people at Lyric told me about her. Her tweets are pretty cool!” (I nearly passed out. MATTHEW READS MY TWEETS!)”Stacy, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

So with a shaking voice, I did. I told them how I was their number one fan. And I just love them more than words can say. And that I was so, so, so happy to be there.

I think it was the best day of my life!

P.S.- You should read my tweets too, if you haven’t already: AltarBoyzGurl