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Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’d like to introduce myself, Dawn Drake.  I was most recently with  the Coastal Carolina University Theatre Department and previously the TD for Signature Theatre in Washington, DC.  I  am currently the Director of Civic production for Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma.

On February 23 (noon-6pm) myself and Lyric Theatre would like to host the General Unified Interviews for Performance Technicians in Oklahoma (GUIPTOK) – It sounds like Klingon, but it’s our first stab at it…stop laughing… J  It might even catch on! 

When I worked in DC there was a thing they called the “Cattle Call” for Theatre Technicians. Basically the local theatres and entertainment companies all sent a delegate to join up with these interviews: One technician, and many companies to see at the same time. Win for Technicians, because who has time for lots of interviews?  And win for companies, because, well, who has time for lots of interviews?!?

If you know anyone in the area that is looking for a technical job, feel free to send out the information below or add it to your website.  The interviewers can fill out Lyric’s online job application, so there will be a spreadsheet of everyone who signs up.  Each company will get this technician list, and each interviewer will get a list of each participating company.

EVENT INFORMATION – For websites, flyers, emails, etc.
General Unified Interviews for Performance Technicians in Oklahoma (GUIPTOK)
What?: Basically a job fair for technicians, intern technicians, and apprentice technicians in Oklahoma
When: February 23, 2014 (noon-6pm) and February 24, 2014 (8am-2pm)
Lyric Theatre Thelma Gaylord Academy in the Plaza District (1801 NW 16th St, OKC 73106)
Click Here to fill out an online application for ANY theatre on the Lyric website or applications will be available at the interviews.

HOW to Sign up?  Call me  for an appointment at the Lyric Scene Shop 405.601.1025

Please have a focus
.  Yes you can have other things you do, but it will be easier to hire you if we know what you really would like to do.  If you don’t know what your focus is, here is an idea to help:  What do you do in your free time?  If you aren’t willing to spend your free time on an area, then chances are you will be burned out by the time you actually get paid enough to do the work. Example:  I watch engineering shows for fun on Netflix.  That’s fun – really! And I’m a Technical Director.

Please be on time/early:  If you miss your appointment, you may not be able to make it up, as there are only 100 timeslots available

Please don’t interview if you aren’t serious about working in OK as performance technician in 2014:  This is not “practice”.  These are professional companies who are going to know if you are a tire kicker.  Please respect the process. 

Please bring copies of your resume and a business card.  Your resume should (for this purpose) have references on it.  Help the company out and get the information for us up front.  Some people print a thumbnail photo on his/her resume.  In this type of interview, I would recommend it so people can remember who you are.  No 8×10’s – just a small picture in the corner will do.

Practice what you are going to say.  You only have 5 minutes.  Make them count.  Bring note cards if you must.  I recommend getting your schpiel down to 2 minutes so you have time to answer questions about you from the panel.  This is where it really counts to know what your focus is.