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July 23, 2019 - July 28, 2019
Family Friendly / Musical


The Resounding Aspirations of Voyagers!

The engineering feat of 1912 takes center stage in this Tony Award-winning Best Musical. Based on real people aboard the legendary ship, Titanic is a stunning and stirring production of the hopes and dreams of her passengers who each boarded with stories and personal ambitions of their own…all innocently unaware of the fate awaiting them. Lyric’s production will feature a choir of 100+ voices and lavish orchestra elevating Titanic’s soaring score to amazing heights. This once-in-a-lifetime event will thrill your heart while making Lyric history!

The Creative

Music and Lyrics by

Maury Yeston

Book by

Peter Stone


Michael Baron

Musical Director

Alexander Mickelthwate

Scenic Designer

Kimberly Powers

Lighting Designer

Helena Kuukka

Costume Designer

Jeffrey Meek

The Cast

Barbara DeMaio

Ida Strauss

Victor Souffrant

Charles Lightoller

Ian Marcontell

Frederick Barrett

Jessica Martens

Kate Murphy

Terry Runnels

George Widener

Jake Young

Steward Latimere

Rachel Nicholes

Edith Corse Evans

Sean Steele

Edgar Beane

Charlie Monnot

Harrold Bride

Gavin Guthrie


Natalya Fisher

Madeline Astor

Patrick Borror

J. Bruce Ismay

Tatum Ludlam

Kate McGowan

Emily J. Pace

Clair Karnes

Megan Carpenter

Kate Mullins

Mandy Jiran

Marion Thayer

Stephen Hilton

Isidor Straus

Vince Leseney

Lt. William Murdoch

Kellan Harrod

Jim Farrell

Collin O’Neill

Frederick Fleet

Joe Caskey

Robert Hitchens

Ashton Byrum

Thomas Andrews

Mica Martinez-Harkey

Madame Aubart

Kylie Groom

Caroline Neville

Jason Bias

Henry Etches

Patrick Borror

J. Bruce Ismay

Emily J. Pace

Clair Karnes

Megan Carpenter

Kate Mullins

Cheyanne Marie

Anna Hamalainen

Austin Rindler

Jack Thayer

Chad Anderson

Benjamin Guggenheim

Mat Govich

Col. John Jacob Astor

Jeffrey Ambrosini

Captain E.J. Smith

Regina Grimaldi

Alice Beane

Dustin Peterson

John Thayer

Eric Friedman, M.D.

Joseph Boxhall

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