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Photo of Cynthia BedfordHi! My name is Cynthia Bedford, and I am a Marketing Intern here at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma!


I’m a senior dance management major at Oklahoma City University. I graduate in May but before I have to head out into the “real world” I am soaking up every chance I get to learn more about nonprofit management and THANK GOODNESS I’m getting to learn at Lyric! I have only been working with Lyric since January, but I have already gained so much valuable experience.

What do I do as an intern, you ask?

Well, it’s a lot more than making coffee runs that’s for sure! I feel like even though I am a part-time intern, I am treated as part of the team. I’ve felt so welcomed at Lyric and genuinely am excited to come in to the office on days I work.

As a Marketing Intern, I work mostly with Director of Marketing, Beth Adele; but, I get to work on projects with the whole marketing team. I have been able to assist them in creating posters, ads, calendars, social media images for show promotions and so much more. I’m available to help anyone in the office with anything they need so I don’t spend every day doing the same thing. That is a great environment to learn in because I get to experience a wide variety of tasks. My favorite experience so far has been getting to create show posters that I later see hanging up around town. I don’t think I can explain just how excited I get when I see something I created being used for professional marketing. I am so thankful that Lyric is giving me that chance!

Oh, did I mention? I also get to sit at my very own desk. I know. Big stuff. It might sound silly, but these experiences mean the world to me. They are helping to prepare me for the future career I hope for and for that, I can’t thank Lyric Theatre enough. In the few months I have been here, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma has already treated me with so much respect and has taught me more than they know. If you are looking for an awesome internship experience, I highly recommend working with Lyric. Applications for summer internships with Lyric are due on May 1st! Visit our “Work With Us” page on the website for details. You won’t regret it!