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I was looking at my handy dandy “Random 2012 National Holiday Website” today and lo and behold, January is “National Skating Month!” Who know? What a coincidence that XANADU is running in January and the show is known for its crazy skating choreography!

So I thought to myself, “hmmmm how should we celebrate this awesome national holiday?” By having a crazy, 1980s themed XANADU Skate Day event on Sunday, January 29th from 1-4pm at Southwestern Skate Center!

That’s right, dust off your sweat bands and leg warmers and come celebrate all that is 1980s at Lyric’s XANADU Skate Day Event.  At this come-and-go event, you can meet and skate with the XANADU cast and win pairs of tickets to see Lyric’s production of XANADU at the Plaza Theatre! Lyric will be giving away tickets throughout the entire event so the longer you skate, the better chance you will win!

This is a public event so bring the whole family and some groovy friends to enjoy great games, 80s music and fun!

The admission for the 3-hour skate is $8.00 for all ages