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I always think that Lyric’s staff is a lucky one, because we have a wonderful Board of Directors who support us on the mission of providing excellent theatre to all Oklahomans. We asked a few board members why they chose to support Lyric- here are a few of their answers.

Becky Rickard

1.  How did you get involved with the Board? I have always loved Lyric, since the day it first began.  Having never served on a Board below, I was surprised when Paula Stover called me one day at SONIC and asked if I’d be interested in serving.  I accepted her offer and am honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people, people who are passionate about OKC and Lyric.

2.  Why do you choose to devote your time and energy to Lyric? Sentimental reasons I think. My grandmother, introduced me to Lyric that first year it started.  She instilled in me a love of the arts and its effect on life.  From that first performance of Oklahoma in 1963, I was hooked.  It’s always best to give your time to something you are passionate about.  There’s not many things we can do anymore that are unique, one of a kind experiences.  To be able to do that with an audience around you who appears to be as absorbed as you are is a wonderful thing.

3.  Out of all the shows that you’ve seen at Lyric, what is your favorite? Why? Oklahoma is and always will be my favorite.  The show about our state and its people.  All of the wonderful songs associate with that show.  It reminds me of spending those wonderful Saturday nights with my grandmother and watching the excitement of live theatre.

4.  What’s your favorite Lyric memory?  In Lyric’s second season of 1964, my grandmother again took me to every show.  I was only 12 years old but I distinctly remember getting goose bumps when the song Ol’ Man River was sung in SHOWBOAT.  I don’t recall the actor’s name who sung it (maybe Thomas Carey?) but I know I’ll never forget that moment and the feeling it gave me.

5.  What keeps you coming back to Lyric? There’s nothing better than live theatre.  The two venues Lyric has now gives you a completely different environment to enjoy. Lyric is the best form of live entertainment in Oklahoma City.   I’m proud to be a part of it.

Carolyn Weatherford

1.  How did you get involved with the Board? I became involved with Lyric’s Associate Board after having volunteered in the box office while Lyric was still performing at OCU.

2.  Why do you choose to devote your time and energy to Lyric? Mostly because I just love it….I love being surprised by the shows I’ve never seen, I love the talent Lyric engages…both local talent and the “Stars” they bring in…and mostly, I love the people that work at Lyric…their dedication to bringing amazing shows to the OKC Theatre community. 

3.  Out of all the shows that you’ve seen at Lyric, what is your favorite? Why? Why?  This question is a tough one, as I have many favorites for many reasons; JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (1996), the show that made me want to volunteer for Lyric. GODSPELL (1997 &  2006)- how a show could be the same yet so different. I loved watching the entire cast signing to “All Good Gifts”. CHESS (2004)- the intricacies of the staging and individual performances of Coleen Sexton, Gilles Chiasson, Douglas Ladnier, John Eric Parker and Kevin Spiritas not to mention the amazing ensemble that season! THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (2000) was so much fun…the interaction between the cast and the audience, and watching Douglas (an actor)  trying not to lose it when an audience member yelled out “but he’s so cute”.  HELLO DOLLY (2005), just because Sally was so whimsical and made me smile!  OKLAHOMA!(2007)-  just one of the most beautifully staged shows, and seeing  Kelli O’Hara on stage was such a treat, and RAGTIME (2011) This show was so moving, that I felt I could watch it over and over again. 

4.  What’s your favorite Lyric memory?  Again, there are many…. Ben Williams—teaching me about scrims and explaining all the ins and outs of the theatre…and also not asking about patter songs right before he performs one! During GUYS AND DOLLS (1999), the cast surprised me with a wooden photo album and sang “she’s a jolly good fellow” in the costume shop.  During MAN OF LA MANCHA (1997), when a bat flew around during the singing of “little bird, little bird”. CLUB STARDUST (1999)- at the end of the performance, cast members brought patrons on stage to dance, and Jeromy Smith found me, my first time on stage!  During CAROUSEL (2001), every night rushing into the house to hear Sean McDermott hit that one note in the “Soliloquy” at the end of the first act.  That year we also had PIPPIN….so many things I enjoyed about that show!!!  Seeing a favorite conductor Laura Berguist, on stage.  The goose bumps every time they sang “Morning Glow” or Tom sang “Corner of the Sky”.   BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2006)- watching all the kids meeting the cast in costume after the show and making sure I was in the theatre every night to hear Josh sing “if I can’t Love her”.  And of course, being a nun along side some of my favorite people in the Sound of Music, not once but twice!

5.  What keeps you coming back to Lyric? The people, the talent, the excitement, the singing, the dancing, and all of the surprises that lie in store!