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Because I’m sure all of you dear readers really want to know what it’s like for me as the intern here at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, here’s a blog about it! So really… what is “#internlife”? Intern life is a whirlwind of exciting show activities and office work. New jobs can be scary. New people and a new environment definitely take adjusting to. Luckily, this is my second summer at Lyric, and the people are beyond welcoming and great to work with! For me, intern life is the following….

Me on casual Fridays.

When I’m trying to get someone’s attention while they’re on the phone.

Me during staff meetings.

Me on Monday mornings.

When I have a bad idea and my supervisors very nicely go another route.

When I’m asked to do what seems like a very important/terrifying task.

When the UPS guy walks right by me and asks for someone else to sign for the packages. Probably because I look like I’m twelve years-old.

The words I say the most often.

When I’m stopped from entering a rehearsal.

I keep chips at my desk. Don’t judge.

But, in all honesty…

This incredible staff sees me, pays attention to me, and sometimes gives me really cool tasks – like this blog! I love it here at Lyric!

I wouldn’t trade my days here for anything! Except maybe…