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I had the incredible privilege of watching a few minutes of LES MISÉRABLES rehearsal the other day and oh. my. gosh. 

Seriously, people, this show is going to be beyond incredible. 

Chuck Wagner and Danny Rothman sound phenomenal. Victoria Huston-Elem as Fantine made me tear up in just the few minutes I peeked in! The talent that will be on that stage is off the charts – and I’m over here all…

The ladies in the cast had on what are called “rehearsal skirts” which are exactly what they sound like – skirts to rehearse in. This is because you don’t want to be in costume all the time, but it is important to get the feel of how your character would move within the costume. Same goes for Javert and Jean Valjean; both actors were rehearsing in jackets to get the feel of their characters. As for small props, Danny Rothman, who plays Javert, was carrying a police wand. I witnessed some large prop integration, as well. There’s a really large cart that is wheeled on and off the stage by actors. Seeing it used up-close was super cool!

What is, I think, the coolest thing is that these actors only have two weeks of rehearsal to put these shows together. When I caught a sneak peek of LES MISÉRABLES rehearsal, they had only been rehearsing for five days! The actors were all already off-book, which means they have the music and script completely memorized. 

If you want to see a jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, mind-blowing performance of LES MISÉRABLES, get your tickets today! I promise to keep my hot dog impressions off the stage and to myself!