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Over the past 16 years, Lyric has experienced lots of changes, from moving from Oklahoma City University’s Kirkpatrick Auditorium to the Civic Center Music Hall, to the opening of the Plaza Theatre. There have been a few constants in that period of time, and our costume designer is one of them. Jeffrey Meek has worked on every single Lyric show in that period of time, from the full costume design for a cast of over 100, to making sure that any rented pieces look perfect and put together in a Lyric production. Jeffrey loves his work, and our audiences love seeing it on stage! He took a few minutes to walk us through some pieces for PAGEANT, and answer some questions about his process for the show.

Fun fact: Jeffrey, in addition to being a talented costume designer, was in the cast of Lyric’s 2004 and 2006 productions of PAGEANT as Miss Deep South! 

Jeffrey Meek as Miss Deep South. Photo by Wendy Mutz. 

Question: What has been the hardest piece to design/acquire? Why?
Jeffrey: This entire show is a challenge to design. These “girls” all have a back story that comes across in their wardrobe. It’s not all glitter and tulle. The cut, the style and the fabric of each individual garment should convey who they are…and then there is LOTS of glitter and tulle.

A full rack of PAGEANT costumes. Glitter, brocade, and tulle are all on full display!

A close up of some of the bead work on one of the dresses.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of designing costumes for this show? 
Jeffrey: Finding matching stiletto heel shoes ranging in size 10 to 15.

What’s the strangest item you’ve bought for this show?
Jeffrey: Camouflage Spandex. You just have to see it to believe it!

Also unique- the complete set of 6 pink wigs!

Which is your favorite piece? Why?
Jeffrey: I am honestly most excited about Miss Great Plains’ Talent costume. She is the pageant novice and the least of the glamour girls. I tried to design all of her costumes as if her mother had sewn them all at the kitchen table. I think she and I have the most in common.

Another costume shop fun fact: because these costumes have to fit mens’ bodies, but need to look like womens’ clothing, the costumes include a full set of padding to round out the hips and bust for each actor. This padding is cut from foam by hand, as displayed here by wardrobe master (and PAGEANT cast member) Christopher Sieker.

The crown and sash for the winner- the question is, who will win each night?

We can’t wait to see all the glamour in action once PAGEANT opens on January 28.