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One summer show down, three to go and it’s social media game time! Play with us and you could win a free ticket to see Lyric’s production of THE KING AND I, running July 9 through 13. We have a different kind of game this time around. Instead of playing a guessing game with pictures, you’ll have to decode a song title from the show. This game is called “A Puzzlement,” and it’s actually quite puzzling.

A scrambled song title will be uploaded to our Facebook page, and for every song there will be a different key you need to use in order to solve the puzzle. It’s really kind of difficult to explain, so here’s an example:



A – H     N – J

B – S     O – V

C – W    P – G

D – N     Q – B

E – M     R – E

F – D     S – L

G – R    T – C

H – X    U – Q

I – P     V – O

J – Y    W – I

K – Z    X – A

L – U    Y – F

M – K    Z – T

Here’s the coded song title and the key you need to decipher it. All you have to do is find the first letter, which is X, and use the key to find out what letter actually belongs there. As you can see, X = A, so the first letter in the title is A. Now just lather, rinse, and repeat until you know what the real song title is! Spoiler alert: the answer is A Puzzlement.

Like I said before, each round has a totally different key to decode with, so don’t try to memorize any of them! The game will start at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2, so be ready to go! I know you’re tired of hearing about it, but the same rules apply to this game:

1. You must currently “like” us on Facebook.

2. Each contestant is allowed one answer per round.

3. The first person to correctly decode the song title on their first attempt wins that round! 

Good luck!