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SO today is the last day of Ragtime, which would make it a two show day.  I’m pretty bummed about it but like everything, it must come to an end.  Since today is a two-show day we only have two hours allotted for rehearsal.  These two hours we devoted to finishing part four of the Montage, and we finished the entire section in a little under and hour.  This was great because we used the remaining hour to really clean the whole montage, which I am soooo grateful for because there are specific spots where completely forget what is coming next.  After that, those of us in Ragtime were released so that we could have time to get ready for the show.  I was in dire need of a shower since we had been dancing fairly intensely all morning.  I took a shower immediately after we arrived at the theatre.  The show went really well and after we finished the matinee, a bunch of us went to Kaisers for dinner and their amazing shakes.  I had a Banana Nilla Wafer shake and it was INCREDIBLE!! These shakes are amazing and the perfect way to cool off from all that crazy Oklahoma heat.  After our dinner break we returned and finished the evening performance.  It was so bittersweet and I am going to miss all of the new friends that I made.  I met so many wonderful people and can’t wait to continue our new found friendships once I move to New York City.