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Today was a BIG DAY!! All of our time was devoted to the “Montage.” At this point in the show, each character is reflecting on their time growing up into adults. The piece is broken up into four parts. Right from the get go we plowed thru the first and second section. Then we continued on to the third part and hit a roadblock. There were so many intricate parts to each character that had to be taught so naturally time went by much slower. But, it was time that needed to be used. We went all the way up until 1:00, and then broke for lunch. After lunch we jumped right back into staging the montage. Once we reached the beginning of the 4th section we started running the entire number from the top. We never made it into the 4th section even though we thought it might happen. So we decided that tomorrow we would make time at the beginning of the day to finish the Montage and run it once thru. SO once again we broke early to get to Ragtime and have another wonderful run of that epic musical.