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After a great second show of Ragtime I went straight to bed.  But even with going to bed early, getting up was pretty hard.  Ragtime really takes a toll on the body.  But once I got up, the excitement was pouring out of me!  I couldn’t wait to get to the rehearsal space.  The agenda for today was to stage and space the entire opening, which did not take very much time at all.  The both ballet and jazz combos were a breeze, and once we ran the entire the opening a couple of times we happily moved on.  Following the opening, we went on to the introductions and the staging of my monologue!  It was great and since I had done the show before I was already memorized.  This section is pretty lengthy and because I was memorized, it didn’t take very much time to finish.  Still, I wanted to know what vision our wonderful director, David Marquez, had for my character.  So I asked him, if when time was available, I might be able to have a little bit of time to work on my monologue.  And fortunately time was given to us at the end of the day!  So we took the last 45 minutes of rehearsal to work and discuss Bobby.  I’m excited for some of the new things that I have discovered and worked into what is already a great character! Then Eloise picked me up so we could go to the theatre and she had a wonderful surprise for me: a JAMBA JUICE!!! Well off to another fantastic performance of Ragtime!!