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SO today we started rehearsal for the last show of the summer season and I can’t believe how fast it has all gone. After an incredible opening of Ragtime, we got up bright and early to meet all the wonderful people involved in this fantastic production.  We have a good amount of New Yorkers joining us for this production, which is really exciting!! So following our meet and greet we drove right into learning music.  We managed to get plow through a good portion of the material before lunch.  Then following our lunch break we finished off what was left before Eloise Kropp had to break from the group and learn her solo number “Dance: Ten, Looks: Three.”  Then we lost Sasha Hutchings as well, while she learned “Nothing.” Haha.  So at this point we were done with rehearsal but decided to review the opening jazz and ballet combinations.  This is going to be a great show and I am stunned by the epic amount of work we got done.  Once rehearsal was finished I rode with Eloise to the theatre to take a show and get ready for our second performance of RAGTIME!!!!!! Break a leg everybody!!!