An Interview with Generation Y

by Jan 21, 2016

I sat down with a couple of young adults to get their opinion on 10 basic trends of modern dating. Check out the quiz at the bottom to find out your ideal date spot!

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1) How should a guy ask a girl out?
GUY: Text her that you want to get together and then ask her in person.
GIRL: Ask her in person and be very direct about it. Call it a date. Don’t beat around the bush.

2) Where do you go/what do you do on the first date?
GUY: Definitely a bar for drinks; easy to get out of if things go south.
GIRL: Coffee. Dinner or an event should be saved for the 2nd date, once you know whether or not he’s crazy.

3) What is your budget for a first date?
GUY: I’m willing to go up to $75 if I’m really trying to impress her.
GIRL: $20, since we’re only going to do coffee.

4) Who pays for a first date?
GUY: I plan on paying, but if she insists on going dutch that’s fine with me.
GIRL: If he isn’t paying, I’m not staying.

5) On a first date, does the guy pick the girl up or do they meet somewhere?
GUY: Meet up.
GIRL: Meet up. It isn’t safe to be without a mode of transportation with someone you don’t know.

6) When does a relationship become “Facebook Official?”when you announce on Facebook you are in a relationship
GUY: Whenever she tells me to or I see that she has changed her relationship status.
GIRL: When you are ready to tell your parents.

7) When do you “meet the parents?”
GUY: 3 months in, if it’s serious.
GIRL: Anytime after you become “Facebook Official.”

8) How many dates should you go on before sex?
GUY: If all seems right, go for it on the 1st or 2nd date. But if not, it’s okay to wait! It depends on the person.
GIRL: Usually three, but I’ve definitely done it on the first date.

9) How long should a couple wait before moving in together?
GUY: At least a year.
GIRL: 1 – 2 years.

10) How long should a couple wait before getting engaged?
GUY: A year minimum, preferably 2 or more.
GIRL: 2 – 3 years.


Where should you go on a first date?

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