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Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma is proud to produce each and every one of the productions that we present to Oklahomans. But the word “produce”, in a theatrical sense, can be a confusing one, and one that is difficult to understand by even the most seasoned theatre person. So what does it mean when we say we “produce” every production?

First, it means that Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma provides the funds that are used to buy materials to paint the set, sew the costumes, and pay our actors and technicians. This money comes from generous individuals, corporations, and from ticket sales. You can see the products of your generosity whenever you watch a show at Lyric!

Second, it means that we make the choice of whom to hire for every role- from set painter to star of the show. We cast every production with mostly Oklahoma actors, with a few roles being played by actors working across the nation, from New York to LA. Plus, almost every technician who works on our shows is an Oklahoman. Meaning, your support of Lyric supports job creation in Oklahoma.

Third, it means that when you see a show at Lyric, you’re seeing a production that was made for our stages. Our shows are not tours, and will not go anywhere else after they end their run. The actors you see on the stage are not travelling from city to city and performing the same show every night. The costumes you see were specifically chosen and created for this production.

Do you have questions about what it means to produce? Ask us in the comments!