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On our second day of rehearsals at the Civic Center, the children’s ensemble were given a few changes to the way that the opening number in the show should be done.  And they handled it amazingly well!  These kids are SOO talented and it is exciting to watch them own the stage in such a confident way. Each and every child brings something unique and wonderful to the table!  This day is what we call a “12 to 12” because we start at noon and end at midnight!  It is a long day but really fun to witness as each layer of the production is added on. For our diner break this evening a few of the cast members went to the brand new hot dog joint called “Mutts.”  It was incredible and I recommend it to everyone! At Mutts, there is a hot dog for everyone for the more adventurous type containing boar meat to your regular good ole frank, you really can’t go wrong!  A popular chose among the cast was “The Club Dog.”