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Oklahoma weather has struck again and while it puts a damper on everyone expectations on what they want to accomplish, at Lyric Theatre the show must go on.

Yesterday the schedule for the production team and cast was rearranged in anticipation of the weather changing and another change in the schedule is happening as I type. This of course is to ensure the safety of all involved.

The AEA (Actors’ Equity Association) day off was scheduled for Sunday and it has been moved to Friday. Now if you are not that familiar with the AEA you might not know that it is a union that the actors and stage managers belong to. Lyric adheres to all unions rules when we are doing a production because we hire union and non-union actors. Today’s afternoon rehearsal has been moved to the apartment complex where the actors, director and choreographer are staying.

In the theatre, the lighting designer, Helena and her crew and Bart and his crew are taking advantage of having the space and are hanging and focusing lights. They will leave before it gets too bad to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Company Management, Matthew and Ashley are making sure everyone is accommodated with the new schedule and that the out of town guest are taken care of. Julie, my dear friend from the first blog, needed a new car because the one she was driving had no defrost and on her way to the theatre this morning her windshield kept freezing over. These are the kind of things that Matthew and Ashley rescue the out of town folks from.

The administration office is on a skeleton crew today. Ben has the box office open. Paula is working. I am writing a blog and doing other little things I needed to take care of. Erika is here to ensure that the program for Snapshots gets approved and to the printer today because we have to have it for the shows next week. Cristen is delivering Snapshots postcards to business in Edmond and Pam is delivering sponsor tickets for the show.


Lyric Staffer

Stay warm and safe. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more updates.