The Search for Toto

by Dec 29, 2015


We know you’re pup is the light of your life, so why not put them in the spotlight? Your 13-18 lb trainable dog has the chance to star in Lyric’s upcoming summer production of The Wizard of Oz. Your dog, preferably in the terrier breed, must be able to perform basic commands and be comfortable in large groups of people. READ MORE

Auditions will be held Friday February 12, 2016 from 4 pm – 8 pm at Lyric’s Thelma Gaylord Academy: 1801 NW 16th Street, OKC 73106.

Animal performer must be able to, or be able to learn to:

  • Take basic commands from an actor
  • Be held/carried by the various actors
  • Be comfortable in large groups of people, bright lights, and loud noises
  • Be able to be placed inside an appropriately sized basket

Each trainer/owner and performing animal will be given 5 minutes to show us your best tricks. At least one should be from position where the trainer is ‘off stage’ and the animal is several feet away, ‘on stage.’ Please bring any props, treats, or toys that will help your dog shine!

Complete time commitment for trainer/owner and performing animal is as follows:
June 27 – July 7, 2016 10am – 6pm, Monday through Saturdays at the rehearsal space
July 8, 3pm – 5pm at rehearsal space; 7pm – 11pm at Civic Center
July 9, 11am – 11pm at Civic Center
July 11, 11am – 11pm at Civic Center
July 12, 11am – 5pm at Civic Center


July 12, 7:30pm curtain
July 13, 7:30pm curtain
July 14, 7:30pm curtain
July 15, 8:00pm curtain
July 16, 2:00pm curtain
July 12, 8:00pm curtain

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