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This is post number 4 in our 50 Posts for 50 Years series- check out what it’s about here!

Have you been to the Plaza Theatre since November 15? If not, you haven’t seen the latest addition to our theatre’s lobby- a plaque honoring our fourteen founders, and a portrait honoring the first president of our Board of Directors, Mr. John E. Kirkpatrick.

In November of 1962, a group of forward-thinking civic leaders met at the Beacon Club. This group included Charles Bennett, James A. Bermingham, Jr., Luther T. Dulaney, Jack Durland, Dow Gumerson, Breene Kerr, John E. Kirkpatrick, Hardin Master, Don Watters, J. Robert Wootten, Mrs. Gordon Ferguson, Mrs. E. L. Gaylord, Mrs. Norman Handel and Mrs. Don Gardner .  At this luncheon, they discussed the idea of launching a musical theatre right in the heart of Oklahoma City. This idea blossomed into Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma.

Mr. Kirkpatrick served twelve terms as president of our Board of Directors- the most terms held by any single person. His leadership was a huge help during Lyric’s formative years, and his legacy continues to support us through the Kirkpatrick Foundation. Now, all of our Plaza Theatre patrons can learn just a little bit more about our fifty year legacy, and we can honor those who assisted in making this organization what it is today.