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This is post number 7 in our 50 Post for 50 Days series- see what it’s all about here!

On Wednesday of last week, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma attended Arts Day at the Capitol. We attended this event along with forty-nine other arts organizations from across Oklahoma. But what does one do at Arts Day at the Capitol?

1)      You display to your state senators and representatives why supporting the arts is important. Each group demonstrated why public support of the arts was key to the economic and social wellbeing of all Oklahomans. For us, we employ over two hundred Oklahomans yearly, including our staff and technical support for all productions. We provide children across the state the opportunity to see musical theatre at their schools. We enrich the cultural fabric of our city by producing eight productions a year, which run the gamut from serious drama to light and fun musicals. Supporting the arts in Oklahoma helps support us and our mission.

Our table at Arts Day at the Capitol. featuring Development Officer
Catherine and Academy Administrator Robert

2)      You see the arts landscape of Oklahoma on the large scale. With 50 organizations in attendance, you met visual artists, actors, dancers, vocalists, and everything else! The variety of organizations was clear- the arts community in Oklahoma is vibrant and varied.

Don’t all these arts organizations look fantastic in the Rotunda?

3)      You get to meet all sorts of people! We met some old friends from other organizations like the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, and some new friends from great groups like the Tulsa Opera and the Firehouse Arts Center in Norman. And, of course, we got to meet McMeow the Crime Kitty.

Catherine and Robert speaking with fellow arts organization representatives

Artistic Director Michael Baron with McMeow the Crime Kitty. They matched!

Thank you to Oklahomans for the Arts for organizing this wonderful event- we look forward to the 2014 edition!