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Do you enjoy being close to the action? Do you love the feeling of being able to practically reach out and touch the scene you’re watching? Well, we have the perfect seats for you!

In the original production of SPRING AWAKENING on Broadway, there were tickets available for seats on the stage, next to the actors. This photo, from the first National Tour, gives us a good idea of what that looked like for their production.

We’re doing something very similar here at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma for our production of SPRING AWAKENING. Check out this graphic:

You see the seats to the side of the “Stage”? That is where you, if you choose to take the challenge, will be sitting. Up close and personal.

There is no better vantage point to really take in the action. You can feel the vibrations as the cast jumps around the set. You can hear their voices up close and personal, without the aid of microphones. You can truly get sucked in to the performance.

The best part? These tickets are only $20 each! There are only 24 seats available for each performance, so reserve yours soon.

Call (405) 524-9312 to reserve your ticket for an on-stage seat, or walk up to our box office. These tickets are not available via our website.

We hope to see you sitting on stage!