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As of today we are a mere two weeks away from the opening from Snapshots: A Musical Scrapbook. There are so many reasons I am personally excited about this show; and I will share a few with you.

1)    It’s a new musical to Oklahoma.

2)    Stephen Schwartz is coming to town.

3)    Richard Maltby, the director, is a genius.

4)    The set is in the theatre and looking great.

5)    It is an enchanting story about a couple falling in and out of love and valentine’s day is coming up.

6)    My BFF is going to be in town for 3 weeks.

Lyric Theatre was chosen to be one of the few theatres around the country to put this new musical to the test. Our Oklahoma audience is the perfect place for a musical of this caliber. While it is a new musical, it features songs from Mr. Schwartz’s past musicals to tell this story. One favorite most will recognize is from the musical Wicked

Stephen Schwartz is coming to town and yes, to me, a devoted theatre lover, it feels a lot like Christmas. This man is an amazing writer. While I like all of his works, he really had me at “Defying Gravity.” Some other musicals a devoted theatre lover might want to listen to before coming to see Snapshots are Pippin, Godspell, and Children of Eden.  If you read Mr. Maltby’s bio on IMBD or Wikipedia you will see what a renaissance man he is. He directed Fosse on Broadway and scripted Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger. He also is coming to Oklahoma on Monday to finish the rehearsal process for Snapshots

The setting for Snapshots is in an attic and our attic will fill the space in the Plaza Theatre. Yesterday I was able to step in the theatre and I was blown away. What is going on in there is impressive.

I have never been the type to swoon at the commercials on TV for Valentine’s Day but this year Snapshots is making my knees a little weak. “A couple falling out of love, but when they come across photos that stir up joyous and touching memories of the past, their many years together come alive in front of them.” Men, if you are looking for a way into someone heart or want to impress your love, you can’t miss this.

On a purely selfish note I am ecstatic that my dear friend, Julie, is arriving in town tomorrow. She is the Production Stage Manager for this production and resides in the Washington DC area but will be here through the run of the show.


Lyric Theatre Staffer

Stay with us to get more exciting updates about Snapshots over the next two weeks.