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April 21, 2021 – May 9, 2021


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This hilarious spoof follows the misadventures of five nuns trying to manage a fundraiser. Sadly, after the deaths of the rest of the sisterhood from botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia (Child of God), the remaining nuns stage a talent show to raise money to bury their dearly departed. Participating in the project are Mother Superior Sister Regina, a former circus performer who can not resist the spotlight; her competitive but dignified rival, second-in-command Sister Mary Hubert; Sister Robert Anne, a streetwise nun from Brooklyn; Sister Mary Leo, a novice who is determined to be the world’s first ballerina nun; and wacky, childlike Sister Mary Amnesia, who lost her memory when a crucifix fell on her head. This sinfully funny musical hit will have you shouting Ha-Ha-lleluia! Written by Dan Goggin, the production will feature direction from Lyric’s Associate Artistic Director Ashley Wells.

Book, Music & Lyrics

Dan Goggin


Ashley Wells


Matthew Sipress

Stage Manager

Sydney Bryan

Lighting Designer

Fabian J. Garcia

Set Designer

Kimberly Powers

Costume Designer/Prop Designer

Jeffrey Meek

Sound Designer

Corey Ray

Technical Director

Adam Brand

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