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March 7, 2018 - March 25, 2018
Comedy / Family Friendly / Musical

Junie B. Jones: The Musical

First Grade has never been more exciting!

Fresh off of the adventure of James and the Giant Peach, Lyric Theatre brings you our next spectacular family production featuring the outspoken, curious and lovable Junie B. This delightful adaptation of Barbara Park’s best-selling books brings to life a tremendously lovable individual in a genuinely comical musical. With lively characters, fun story and upbeat music, first grade has never been more exciting. Great family fun!

Join us at Lyric at the Plaza

Directions & Parking

The Cast

Kristin Küns

Junie B. Jones

Micah Marine


Mahalia Gronigan


Cole Cloutier


Justin Larman

Daddy/Mrs. Gutzman/Mr. Scary

Emily Pace

Lucille/Bobbi Jean Piper/Jose

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