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This is post number 9 in our 50 Post for 50 Days series- see what it’s all about here

Names blurred to protect the innocent!

Do you see those envelopes? They’ve taken over our ticket office, which can only mean one thing- season tickets are on their way to our subscribers!

It’s quite the effort to get these tickets printed and out to each patron. Each one is printed individually, then stuffed into the right envelope and then mailed out to each patron. Repeat this process a few hundred times, and then you’re done- but it has taken a week of long and hard work by our ticket office staff. Thank you to Ben and Kurt for their hard work!

Did you know that season ticket holders get special perks? They can exchange tickets to another performance, get a discount on any additional tickets, and get the first right to buy any other tickets available. Interested in joining this special group? Give Ben or Kurt a call: 405-524-9312. We’d love to have you!