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Chris Wiseman

CHRIS WISEMAN (Music, Lyrics) Approaching the score of Distant Thunder, Chris has been guided by Shaun Taylor-Corbett into a treasure-trove of Native American music both contemporary and traditional. Chris and Shaun’s sensibilities are pop but they have been influenced by great musical theater song writers such as Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Kitt, as well as contemporary Native American artists such as Robbie Robertson. Chris’s goal as a musician is to honor and integrate Native tradition into the musical stylings from his pop background.

Chris has written numerous songs with Shaun dating back to their college days at the University of Delaware. Since then, he has worked with such artists as Michael McCary from Boyz II Men and Barry Carl of Rockapella. Chris currently writes for and performs in a pop/R&B vocal grouped called “Lights Out,” which has performed with Artists such as Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood.