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Lyric Theatre's Scene Shop    Lyric Theatre's Scene Shop

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma is notorious for its good quality and large sets. Even though I am new to Lyric this season I can see this is true because of the sets that are stored in our warehouse/shop. We have pieces from “Once on this Island” and “Joseph” including a large stone well as well as the fake pinball machines for “Tommy”.

We are looking to clear up some space, but hate to throw these good pieces in the landfill. So, we are looking for adoptions for the set pieces in our “scenery adoption day” on June 1st and 2nd at 301 N Rhode Island suite 106 from 1 – 8pm. I know you can use an 8 foot tall camel somewhere, or a Technicolor cactus yard ornament. Maybe a big ol’ “Buddy” sign to let people know your place is a friendly place. Bring your trucks, trailers, friends and good spirits to come take away whatever you can take before we order up the 40 yard dumpster and send it off for the next civilization to find in the dump.

Dawn Drake – the new TD of LTO.