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We’re back this #MurderousMonday with some fun news! This Friday, during LIVE on the Plaza, you have the chance to win three pairs of tickets to MURDER FOR TWO.

You get to solve your own mystery this Friday as you follow the clues we’ve left for you. How will it work? Well, it’s rather simple…

1)   At 7 PM sharp, a clue will be posted on Lyric’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The clues will lead you to various Plaza District businesses.
2)   Once you’re reached the first location, stop and take a photo at the designated spot- there may even be a prop or two provided.
3)   Post the photos on your Instagram and/or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag the photos with #LyricsMURDER and #MURDEROnThePlaza!
4)   Keep following the clues and taking photos until you reach our final stop!

The first three people to reach the final location and successfully show each of their photos will win a pair of tickets to the show!

Sounds like fun, right? We do have a few quick rules…

1)   You must visit, take a photo, and post that image on your personal social media account at each clue’s location in order to win.
2)   You must use the hashtags #LyricsMURDER and #MURDEROnThePlaza in the social media posts.
3)   You must leave any items provided by Lyric at their original location!
4)   The hunt will end no later than 9 PM. If no one has completed the hunt by 9 PM, those posting photos throughout the evening will be entered into a drawing for the pair of tickets.
4)   All decisions made by Lyric staff/employees are final.
5)   Have fun!

Questions? Ask us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We hope we’ll see you Friday night!