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For today’s #MurderousMondays, we’re introduing you to the many, many characters of MURDER FOR TWO. They’re a slightly wacky bunch- though, have you ever seen a murder mystery that didn’t involve slightly neuortic characters?

First, we meet our protaganist- the detective, Marcus. He is a very, very ambitious sort of guy, who desperately wants to become the police department’s newest detective. And now, finally, this is his big chance- the real detective is stuck elsewhere!

Of course, he needs to perfectly follow protocol, and solve the case. That won’t be that hard, right?

Maybe if your suspects are these crazy people.

First on the suspect list, there’s the widow of the deceased- Miss Dahlia Whitney. She has a very upbeat outlook- particularly for someone whose husband was just murdered. She also keeps talking about how the entire evening was a “perfectly lovely surprise,” despite that her husband ended up dead. That’s perfectly normal, right?

Next, meet Babette! She was a perfectly lovely dancer in her prime, and just comes off as adorable at first.

But then again, a kitten can become something very dangerous. I wouldn’t mess with her (or that cat, for that matter). 

Then there’s Murray and Barb. They’re that old couple who will not. stop. bickering. And while it never gets physical like this, you get the idea.

Next, meet Dr. Griff. He’s your friendly neighborhood psychatrist! And everyone who’s a suspsect just happens to be a patient of his. He obviously knows something, but does not want to share it just yet. Marcus has to figure out how he’s going to get his big secret out of him… and it just might be through song and dance. 

Meet the lovely Steph Whitney. She’s the niece of the deceased. And she just so happens to be a graduate student studying solving crimes in small towns. She knows that, in short, this is her time to learn everything she needs to know to write her thesis- and she’s going to learn it from Marcus. In other words, working with Marcus just might be “her destiny.”

Then we have our three boys’ choir members, who were hired to be the entertainment for the evening. They have seen “a lot woise” than a murder, so that didn’t phase them one bit. But these sweet boys couldn’t have killed Arthur Whitney… right? They’re content just marching along and singing their songs, like these three.

Finally, we have the late arriving Henry Vivaldi. He’s one of the local firefighters, who for some reason, was in the restroom for the entire first half of the show. Some would say that’s suspicious, but he’s just so nice, you can’t imagine that he did it!

But then, Mr. Vivaldi finds out that Arthur Whitney has been murdered. And he’s a bit upset about it.


Want to see two guys play all these characters and more? Don’t miss MURDER FOR TWO as it opens this Wednesday- we run through April 12!

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