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2015 is starting off with a bang at the Plaza Theatre! For the first time since our extremely successful 2004 and 2006 productions, Lyric Theratre of Oklahoma is proud to present PAGEANT. With six unique contestants stopping at nothing to become Miss Glamouresse, you’ll enjoy a side-splitting evening at the theatre this January and February.

Today, meet our first contestant- Miss Bible Belt!

Miss Bible Belt attends Bob Jones University, where she majors in business administration and the Book of Lamentations.

She is absolutely convinced that winning Miss Glamouresse is all a part of God’s plan, and her job is to make God’s plan happen

You’ll absolutely love watching her belt out that classic tune, “Banking On Jesus.”

PAGEANT is the perfect post-holiday treat- other contestants will perform interpretive dancing, play the accordian while rollerskating, and give their best shot at being the Glamouresse spokeswoman, to rather hilarious effect. Plus, each night, the audience chooses their own winner! I’m sure Miss Bible Belt will appreciate your vote when you see this hilarious PAGEANT brought to life. PAGEANT runs January 28 through February 15- don’t miss it!

All photos of Christopher Sieker as Miss Bible Belt. Photos by KO Rinearson.