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By: Sydney Moody (Marketing Intern)

Wow! What an interesting week it has been. First, we interviewed Matthew Alvin Brown, also known as Mrs. Trunchbull, then we interviewed our stage manager Caroline Mueller. Now, it’s time we interview one of our leads of the show, Matilda! (But let’s not tell Mrs. Trunchbull or she might make Matilda work extra hard in Phys-Ed!) In today’s blog, we’ll take a look into Cassie Magrath’s life as a young individual in professional theatre, who plays the role of Matilda.


In the musical, Matilda starts off her life with unloving parents, but ends up finding love in Miss Honey and books. We were curious as to how our Matilda found her love for theatre. “How did you get into theatre? How did you get into Lyric? How did the audition process go for you?”

Cassie: “I got into theatre by auditioning for a local theatre production in my hometown of Lawton. Ironically, it was a story by Roald Dahl called JACK & THE BEANSTALK and now today, I’m in another story by Roald Dahl – MATILDA! I got into Lyric by auditioning for the Lyric Thelma Gaylord Academy production of MARY POPPINS when I was only 7. I was shocked and so happy to get cast as Fannie in that production, and I have been going to the Academy ever since! I just finished my seventh Lyric Academy production last month when I played Les in NEWSIES. I absolutely love the audition process, everything about it! I cannot wait for auditions and then to see the cast lists. It makes me so happy!”


Matilda has her challenges in life, from Mrs. Trunchbull to her home life. We asked Cassie if playing the role of Matilda was challenging, or if it was easier. “Have you been a lead previously? If so, has playing the role of Matilda been similar to your other lead roles or has it been more challenging/ easier? What was the most challenging/ favorite part of being a lead?”

Cassie: “I have! I played Annie two times: at Lawton Community Theatre and at Western Oklahoma State College. Playing Matilda is definitely more challenging because she has a lot of monologues with all the stories she tells. Some are over five minutes long! My favorite part of being a lead is getting to sing solos and interact with a lot of different characters in the show. Also, knowing that I achieved my dream role and all the fun stuff that goes along with it.”


Everyone has something that is their favorite thing. In the musical, Matilda’s favorite thing is reading books. “What has been your favorite part of theatre so far?”


Cassie: “My favorite part of theatre is all of the incredible people I have met along the way. Not just kids, but also adults. Everyone is so welcoming, supportive, kind, and amazing! I have made friendships that I know I will have for the rest of my life. As cast mates in theatre, we form bonds and truly become like family.”


Like her powers and life circumstances have shaped and influenced Matilda, theatre has shaped and influenced Cassie.


Cassie: “It has made me realize what I want to do with my life, which is to be on Broadway! Theatre has brought me so much joy and happiness and I want to continue doing theatre as long as I can!”


Have you been enjoying the tips from the previous two blogs? If so, we have some more advice! 


Cassie: “Have fun and try your best. Just go for it. I guarantee you will love it!”


MATILDA will be presented at the Civic Center Music Hall – with two actresses rotating in the lead role – June 21-26th. Don’t forget to get your tickets through our website!