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One of the best parts of being an intern is getting to see what happens in all departments. This morning I got to go down the street to our Production Center and visit our Costume Shop. Take a look!


The hoop skirt frame is used to keep a skirt in place, specifically in a wider stance. Personally, I am really glad they are not still in fashion! This particular skirt will be worn in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC.

Wardrobe Master Christopher Sieker shows me some of the costumes for LES MISERABLES. There are over 400 costumes! If you look carefully, you can see there are white tabs on the racks – these separate each costume by actor/character. Everything is already labeled! 


Jeffrey Meek, our Resident Costume Designer, is already hard at work creating pieces for A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. The paper Jeffrey has in front of him is pattern paper, which lays out a sewing pattern.

I followed Christopher down the hall to the laundry room where he explained to me how an ombre dying process works (those are Madame Thenardier’s bloomers from LES MISERABLES!) Some costume pieces are specifically made and dyed like this because it creates a certain effect that cannot be bought or rented. We are so lucky to have such experiened staff who know how to do these incredble things!

Take note: “Real Men Wear Aprons.” I had a blast hanging out and watching them work. Thanks Jeffrey and Christopher!