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Do you wish you were a mermaid (or merman for all you gentlemen out there)? I know I do! For decades, people have wanted to be mermaids, which is ironic because all Ariel wants to do is be human. I feel like I can make a pretty good argument for “mermaidness” – here are my top three reasons to be a mermaid:

1. Seashell bra. Because, really, they’re super cute!
2. Never having to shave your legs again. No legs? No problem!
3. Perfectly buoyant hair. Have you seen the magical hair flip Ariel pulls up on her rock? It’s a Garnier commercial waiting to happen!

Alas, I am not a mermaid. I am a human. I am a human intern – and a happy one! In fact, one might say I’m as happy as a clam. Working at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma is always an adventure, and sometimes the adventure lands me in a clam costume. 

Isn’t it cute!? There is a ton of detailing you can’t see from the stage but can see here. Our costumers are incredible! Not only is Jeffrey Meek fabulous at his job, but he’s a great coworker for allowing me to come play dress-up and take pictures of me! This particular costume is worn by a female ensemble member during “Under the Sea.” When you come see DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID (and I know you will!) be on the lookout for this adorable purple clam! 

Also, the other intern, Gloria, and myself got to meet Ariel and Eric after the show! These two are wonderful actors and super kind people for taking a picture with us!

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