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One of the great projects I get to be a part of here at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma is our Donor Reception! Donor Reception is exactly what it sounds like – a special reception for our donors, specifically those who donate $750 or more. It’s held during intermission of every performance of every show. We treat our donors to complimentary wine and beer, as well as Braum’s ice cream treats, and other snackies. It’s really cool because it’s like a little private party!

For the Wednesday night performance of LES MISERABLES, I got to be in charge of the reception (crazy!) Along with fabulous volunteers, I set up the food and drinks, then wen to stand at the podium and ask to see passes. It made me feel so cool to be letting people into such an exclusive and awesome little party! If you like yummy food and drink, as well as donating to a phenomenal theatre, then donor reception is the place for you!

If you are interested in becoming a donor for next season, please contact Siobhan Morava, our Development Officer at (405) 524-9310 x212