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One of our incredible actors, Matthew Alvin Brown, was willing to meet up with me and answer some fun questions. If you didn’t catch Matt as Scuttle in THE LITTLE MERMAID, you really missed out! Next up, he’s Sir Robin in MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT. He’s an awesome guy and phenomenally talented!

Check out our little conversation:

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma: Did you grow up a Monty Python fan?
Matthew Alvin Brown: Yes, since high school I’ve watch Monty Python. I watched their final performance today. They’re reunited, they did their last show ever today.
LTO: Do you have any cool props?
MAB: I have a rubber chicken with a very special quality to it. So audience members, look out for that! 
LTO: What’s your costume like?
MAB: I have chainmail and feathers, not actual chainmail though, it’s meshy. I have so many costumes, including feathers, so Scuttle didn’t die! 
LTO: How is this different than Scuttle, because both are humorous characters?
MAB: Monty Python is intellectual, anti-everything humor, and THE LITTLE MERMAID is humor for children.
LTO: Do you have a favorite line you say in the show?
MAB: Yes, I do. It’s ‘he hasn’t got s*** all over him.’ It’s the first punchline of the show and I get to say it! 
LTO: What is the rehearsal process like? 
MAB: Hard. Crazy and hard. The rehearsal process is crazy, as crazy as the script, just crazy fun! 
LTO: Do you have to dance? How is that? 
MAB: Haha, I’m not a dancer. It’s going poorly. I dance all over the place and it’s the worst. There’s a lot of dancing. 
LTO: Is there anything else would you like to tell me? 
MAB: I have always been enamored with Monte Wheeler. I got to direct him in THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW and I always watched him on stage, but during the past two shows, Monte Wheeler and I have come to discover that we are brothers cut from the same cloth. Our love of muppets has brought us together in a way that I did not expect. I love him dearly and I will be sad to see him go, but I am excited that he is making a new life in New York City soon. He’ll work all the time!

That’s all she wrote, folks! Huge thank you to Matt for taking the time from his crazy busy schedule to chat with me, and also for tolerating my fangirling! To learn more about Matt, check out the article The Oklahoman did on him a couple of weeks ago! And here is a video that NewsOK published along with an article on SPAMALOT.


For more of Matt Brown’s shenanigans, come see MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT! Tickets may be purchased at or by calling our box office at (405) 524-9312