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Some of you have probably never seen A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, which is a shame, but it’s okay becuase I’m here to help! I’m going to give you some quick plot points, but I’m leaving some things a mystery so you have to come see the show!

To begin, the story is set in Sweden in 1900. It’s filled with drama, comedy, affairs of the heart and of passion. It’s kind of like a soap opera, but with a bunch of Swedish people.

There is a group called the “Quintet” that sort of serve as narrators similar to the way a chorus functioned in greek plays. They help keep the story moving, plus they waltz a lot!

There’s a reoccuring theme of “smiles.” Madame Armfeldt tells her granddaughter, Fredrika, that there are three types of “smiles” that belong to summer nights. Hopefully none of them look like these…

Fredrik and Anne Egerman have been married nearly a year and have yet to consumate their marriage. Fredrik has a son named Henrik who is one year older than his stepmother. Awkward?

Anne’s maid, Petra, first seduces Henrik but ultimately becomes romantically involved with Madame Armfeldt’s butler, Frid. Madame Armfeldt’s daughter, Desiree, used to be involved with Fredrik. Fredrik truly loves Anne but still has an affair with Desiree even though she’s already having an affair with a married man named Count Carl-Mangus Malcolm.

Things get a little steamy…

Finally, there’s a party (who doesn’t love a good party?!) where there is arguing, more drama, and a duel for love; Carl-Mangus challenges Fredrik to a Russian Roulette. Eek! 

With a secret here and a plot-twist there, A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC will keep you on your toes (hint: Desiree’s daughter is named Fredrika…) Old love is rekindled, new love is found, passion is unleashed… all over one weekend! And, of course, things are not always as they appear!

If these shenanigans aren’t reason enough for you to come see A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, well then you’re just plum crazy! It’s a spectacular show that you definitely do not want to miss!