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“I don’t care if you were the handsome, smart jock, like Melchior, or you were completely messed-up, sex-obsessed Moritz, or whatevery you were in high school- you were still going through this transition from boy to many, or girl to woman. And it’s awkward.”- Duncan Sheik, composer of SPRING AWAKENING.

SPRING AWAKENING is focused on the lives of teenagers, and the struggles and triumphs they face during those trying years. In the spirit of the show, we asked the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma staff what their teenage years were like. Here are a selection of their answers:

Matthew Sipress, Company Manager: If memory serves, I remember feeling like I was having the most ‘normal’ teenaged existence in the USA: My parents were still together and seemingly still in love.  I have a sister 4 years younger than I.  We fought all the time.  We took family vacations.  We always had a dog or two.  I had lots of friends. I got picked last for dodge ball (or any ‘ball’ for that matter*) and from the age of 13 till I was nearly 20. I had acne so bad that I look at pictures of myself in high school and wonder how I mustered up the guts to even leave the house in the morning.  I don’t remember being bullied any worse than anyone else or for any particular reason, for that matter.  Would I do it all again?  Absolutely not.  MAYBE if I knew what I know now, but I’m still gonna need some convincing. 

Robert Matson, Academy Administrator: I hated being a teenager and I never want to go back again.

Stephen Hilton, Director of Education: On balance I would say I was happy in my teen years. Of course, there were the usual frustrations (girls, school, etc.), but I would definitely go back – especially if I could know then what i know now 🙂

Cristen Shephard, Public Relations Manager:  Oh the life of a teenager.  Those times for me were awesome!  I was somewhat back and forth when it came to the crowds I hung out with and what I wanted to focus most of my attention on… let’s just say I had “after school activity ADD”.   I was the teenager who did EVERYTHING.  From hurdles on the Edmond Memorial track team, pom squad member and Varsity volleyball player, to a vocal music and musical lovin’, show choir dancing fool. I was all over the place.  But I loved every single day of it. 

Ben Williams, Ticket Operations Manager: It was difficult growing up in the 70’s as a gay male in Oklahoma.  Happy? Sometimes.  Frustrating? Much of the time. I would only go back knowing what I know now.

Paula Stover, Executive Director: My teenage years were very happy and I wouldn’t have a problem with reliving them.  Of course, I would be so much smarter about things the second time around. 

What about you? What were your teenage years like? Comment on this post, or let us know through Facebook or Twitter!