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Can you believe that we’re halfway through our summer shows? Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s about time for Oklahoma’s favorite son to take the stage in THE WILL ROGERS FOLLIES, July 23 – 27 at the Civic Center Music Hall.

Keeping with the “famous Oklahomans” theme, this game will put your knowledge to the test. “Pixel Portrait” is all about who you know and how much you know about them. We took 10 famous Oklahoma natives and pixilated (a fancy word for “blur”) their pictures. However, they’re not just any famous Oklahomans; these celebrities have made their way onto the Broadway stage!

It’s pretty simple, we’ll upload the pixilated photo to our Facebook page and you’re job is to guess what Oklahoman you think it might be. Just in case the pictures are blurred beyond recognition and no one is able to guess the celebrity, a second, less blurred photo can be uploaded. This means each contestant will be given another chance if the second picture is uploaded.

Are you ready to try your hand at this game? Here’s an example:

This is what the first picture will look like. Very blurry, but you can still make out some details. And if no one guesses on the first picture within 15 minutes, this beauty can be uploaded:

And surprise, it’s Garth Brooks. He was never actually on Broadway, but this is just a test run. We can’t go around giving out our good ideas on the practice round!

The real game will take place Thursday, July 18 at 1 p.m. on our Facebook page.

So there you have it! I know you’re tired of hearing it, but once again, there are rules. Time to copy and paste!

1. You must currently “like” us on Facebook.

2. Each contestant is allowed one answer per picture.

3. The first person to correctly identify the celebrity on their first attempt wins that round!

Break a leg, everyone!