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Hi! This is an exciting summer, not only have I been given the opportunity to work at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, I am also starting to write a blog for the first time! Hopefully this blog will keep you informed about what is going on all summer during rehearsals, shows, and other Lyric Theatre events!

But first a little about myself:

This is me,

Eloise Kropp


I’m 18 years old, turning 19 soon(June 23!) But I am from Indiana originally, and moved to Oklahoma when I was 5 and have lived in Edmond ever since! Until last year, when i began my freshmen year at University of Oklahoma, as a musical theatre major! 

You may remember me from Annie, as the little girl who ran across the stage with the skates after NYC, or more recently as Zanetta in the Music Man two summers ago. I couldn’t be more excited to return back to the Lyric Stage, it has been two years since I worked their because last year I made my way up to Wichita, and worked at Music Theatre of Wichita for the summer.


This summer I will be joining Lyric after Oliver, but will be in Hairspray, Ragtime, and Chorus Line.