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Photo By: Miki Galloway                  


Blog By Jessica Vanek, Marketing Intern


After 2 years of silence on the Plaza Stage, Head over Heels is open at Lyric Theatre!

Head over Heels is a jukebox musical featuring the music of The Go-Go’s. The musical follows
the escapades of a royal family on an outrageous journey to save their beloved kingdom from
extinction – only to discover the key to their realm’s survival lies within each of their own hearts.
Sabrina Brush, music theatre senior at Oklahoma City University, plays “Mopsa.” This is her
first show at Lyric Theatre.

Jessica Vanek: How has the rehearsal process been?
Sabrina Brush: Intense. We only had two weeks to rehearse instead of three, so we had to
get down to business pretty fast. Fortunately, we were all mostly off book by the first
rehearsal, which help speed the process up tremendously. The first rehearsal we had with
the band was absolutely insane. I’ve never done a show where the band is on stage with
the actors and being able to rock out alongside them is just the most fun. Not to mention
they sound phenomenal!

Fun fact about Sabrina: Before she became an actress, she was a competitive figure skater for 10
years. She also thinks that a raccoon would make a great pet.
Another fun fact about Sabrina: She graduates college in one month.

JV: What’s next?
SB: We have our showcase in NYC the week after graduation, and from there, it’s a lot
of audition after audition. I plan to move to the NYC area in the fall, and we will see
what is to come!

Brush said Head over Heels is the perfect way to celebrate the return of Lyric at the Plaza.

JV: What is special about this show?
SB: This is such a huge celebration for Lyric, after having to do two years of outdoor
shows or no shows at all, and I don’t think they could have picked a better show to
reopen indoors with. It’s fierce, it’s bright, it’s pure entertainment. I’ve had the absolute
best time working with the cast and creative team, and I’m lucky to go two minutes
during this show without bursting into laughter. I can’t wait for audiences to come rock
out with us!

HEAD OVER HEELS runs April 13-30, 2022 at Lyric’s Plaza Theatre.

Tickets are available HERE!